The Lanhams

The Lanham Family, 1979

Mark's Graduation from Texas Lutheran College, 1983

Wanda's Graduation from Nursing School, 1988

Proud Grandparents (the Lanhams & Taylor, 1994)

The Lanham Family, 1999

The Reeds

One of Our Favorite Pictures of the Reed Family, 1967

Dan, Ruth, and Mark, 1975

The Reeds and Grammy, 1983

Cecile Frazier (Grammy), 1989

Dan (Mark's brother) and Ruth, 1991

Mark's Sister, Ruth (isn't she a naughty daughter?), 1992

Mark, Dora, and Sister Ruth (Mark & Ruth about to run the Bix 7
road race, Davenport, IA, 1993, the year of the big flood)

The Thin Reeds (minus Dan), 1993

The Reeds and Bradys, 1997

The Reeds, 1998

Mom, 1998

Mom and Dad at the "Festival of Trees", 1999

Dad with Craig and Ruth's New Dog Murphy, 1999

The Bradys

Ruth and Craig, 1997

Craig, Ruth, and Mitch, 1997

Sailor Craig, 1997

Sailor Mitch, 1997

Sailor Ruth, 1997

The McKenneys

Mike and Wanda, Atlanta Braves Stadium, 1993

Taylor McKenney, 1994, Age 2 Months

Mike and Wanda, Wedding Day, 1985

Mike and Wanda, Anniversary, 1987

Wanda, Auditioning for Vegas, circa 1979

Wanda, Only Her Hairdresser Bill Knows, circa 1992

Wanda and Dora, 1986

Taylor (looking just like her daddy), 1995

The Clevingers

The Clevingers, Jellisons, McKenneys, Garzas, and Reeds, 1998

Our Pals and Buddies

The Cobbs--Doug, Brenda, and Kassandra

Doug and Brenda Cobb

Kassandra Cobb

Kassandra Cobb, Jan 2000

Kassandra Cobb, Jan 2000

Our Millennium Eve Buddies, the Cobbs, Jan 2000

The Cobbs and Reeds, Jan 2000

Dora, with Friends Bonnie (C) and Beth, 1979

Mark's Friend Martin from Iceland in Picadilly Circus, London, 1989

Our Friend Rick Rhea (Whom Mark Worked With 1979-1982) and his
Friend Laura, San Antonio Riverwalk, 1994

Mark's mom, Mary (L) with Ross Perot on the Occassion of His
Daughter's Marriage to Mark's Cousin, 1992

Our Friends, Bill and Al (no wonder Monica Lewinsky lusted...)