Oh... the places we've been!

Disney Land, 1984 Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, 1985 Mark at Yosemite, 1986
A Regular Street Performer at Venice Beach, 1985 Dora Playing with the Pooches, San Francisco, 1986 Our Home Away from Home, 1984
This is What They Do To You If You Win at the Tables, 1990 Bill's (NOT Bob's) House, 1989 Washington Monument, 1989
Vietnam War Memorial, 1989 Manhattan from the World Trade Center, 1989 Mandatory Pose for NYC, 1989
San Antonio Riverwalk (the Hilton to the right was our honeymoom hideout) The Alamo with the Reeds, 1990 Thingvellir, Iceland
One of Iceland's Many Geysers Mark at the Blue Lagoon, One of Iceland's Geothermo Spas My Icelandic Friend Mar Trying to Refill an Inactive Volcano
Stonehenge Big Ben and Parliament Caernarfon Castle, North Wales
The One and Only, in Liverpool Buckingham Palace Remains of an Ancient Roman Bath, Bath, England
Our House, Brackley, Northamptonshire, England The Reeds in Delgellau, Wales, the Village of our Ancestors Warwick Castle