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Circa 1925 - D. Paul and Cecile Frazier, my maternal Grammy and granddad

1944 - Grammy and mom

1945 - Mom (age 14) with some girlfriends

1949 - Mom and dad (seated on right) at the Kirksville State Teachers College Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority dance

1950 - Mom and dad on their wedding day

1950 - Uncle Burton co-managed the Jones family furniture store. Behind the truck is the Jones Funeral home. The Jones were a hard-working Welsh Presbyterian family!

1956 - Cecile "Grammy" Frazier, my maternal grandmother. She taught Kintergarden for 30 years in Williamsburg, Iowa.

My maternal great-grandparents, all born in the 1870s - imagine the things they saw and experienced, like seeing a motor car, moving picture show, or telephone for the first time in their 30s

1959 - Mark's first year

1958 - the hospital bill from Mark's birth - imagine that . . . a $103 birth!

1959 - more photos of baby Mark

1959 - here's a great photo of me with my brother Dan and sister Ruth, with our Grammy and Grandad Frazier. Isn't my sister Ruth so cute?

1959 - with dad and Ruth

1960 - with our maternal great-grandmother, Grandma Millie

1960 - the Reed family - looks like we're from the "Father Knows Best" era. Hey, we were!

1959 - mom and her kids

1960 - first steps!

1959 - first birthday

1959 - my fascination with toy jets led to my Air Force career. My mom loved this photo.

1959 - my brother Dan is smiling , not whincing, so I must have been yawning, not screaming.

1959 - my first attempt at being a drooling idiot.

1959 - the first centerfold

1959 - the Reed kids

1958 - mom with her new little bundle of . . . uh . . . okay . . . Joy

Mark, 1959

Dan, Ruth, and Mark, 1959

Mark, 1959

1960 - with Grandad Frazier

1960 - my first introduction to the bearded one

1960 - newspaper ad about dad.

1960 - with Grandad Frazier, Ruth, and Dan

Easter 1960 - tiptoeing through the tulips in front of the Jones Funeral Home in Williamsburg, Iowa.

1961 - riding my trike.

1960 - the Reeds with the Fraziers in Williamsburg

Mark, 1960

1961 - at age three

1961 - a real poser

1961 - they got me to smile

1961 - with "Punchy the Clown"

1961 - I was very attached to my Casper the Friendly Ghost doll. When you pulled the string on the back of its neck it would talk, say 'boo' and play the Casper theme song.

1962 - the mischief-maker takes time out to play the good little boy

My first Halloween costume, 1962, age 4. Thanks a lot mom!

1962 - with mom and dad in front of our Randall Street house in Edwardsville, IL. I can't remember what I did last week, but I remember our telephone # there - 656-2229. I remember it because at age 6 I was told to memorize it and I repeated it to myself everyday while walking to school.

1962 - my nursery school pals (I'm second from the right on the front row)

1962 - Happy 4th birthday, with Dan and Ruth

1962 - Johnny got his gun...

1963 - family campout

1963 - the Reed kids

1963 - learning the fine art of pole-sitting

1963 - with Mom, Ruth, and Dan at the St. Louis Zoo

1963 - Exhausted from all that hyperactivity

1964 Christmas - Score!

1964: at the St Louis zoo with cousin Bronlyn and Aunt Ramona

Mark, 1964 (the year the Beatles arrived in America)

1964 - with Cousin Jon

The first house I remember - 723 Randle Street in Edwardsville, IL. The backyard was huge and it emptied into a wooded area - an adventureland for us kids.

1964 - school picture. When this photo was taken, the Beatles were taking America by storm!

1964: with cousin Bronlyn at the zoo

1964 - with my kintergarden class - watching a cow being milked... fascinating. The girl next to me, Joanie Neudecker, was the first girl I ever kissed, at age 8.

1965 - second grade class photo

1965 - posing in my new sport coat

1965 - with Dan, Ruth, and our favorite kitties

1965 - Dad was Director of Student Activities at SIU-Edwardsville, so we were always attending dances, concerts, and other events. Here I am doing "the Monkey" while Ruth (L) does "the Jerk"

1965 - the musical Reed kids

Mark, 1965

1966: the neighborhood gang in Edwardsville, Illinois

Mark, 1966

1966 - my second grade class. I'm front and center. I had a major crush on my teacher Mrs. Suhre, who read "Charlotte's Web" to us. Isn't she gorgeous?

1966 - My 8th birthday party - after opening gifts, my guests and I went to see the movie "Batman" - what a thrill, I was a real "BatFan." We saw the film at the Wildey Theater in Edwardsville, IL. Now, 43 years later, I'm thrilled again that Edwardsville is restoring the old Wildey - here's the Wildey Theater web site.

1966 - the Reed family, in front of the SIU-E University Union

1966 - feeding the goats at one of my favorite St. Louis landmarks - Grant's Farm.

1967 - Grandad Frazier with the Reed kids

1967 - I wasn't the most talented ballplayer, but baseball was my passion for several years. The year this photo was taken, the St Lous Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. My favorite baseball memories, though, were playing catch with my dad in our yard. No matter how tired he was, he always had time to "throw a few" in the evening.

1967 - looking sporty with Grammy and mom

1967 - I love my dad

1967 - my winter passion was sledding!

1967 - some of the happiest memories I have were in our house on 607 Lane Street in Edwardsville, IL.

1967 - the Lane Street Gang - my childhood friends - we shared many adventures, including many summer nights playing "kick the can." - little did I know at the time, the Summer of Love was flourishing that summer in San Fransisco

With mom and Ruth, 1967

The Reeds, 1967

Must have been Easter, 1968

Mark, 1968

1968 - age 10

1968 - I was a baseball fanatic. Not too good, but I loved the game!

Mark's 10th birthday party, 1968

Mark, 1968

Mark, 1968

Mark, 1969 (the year we moved to Macomb)

1969 - although I was sometimes a brat to her, I loved my big sister. 1969 was a magical year - I was glued to the TV, watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and cheering on the Miracle Mets.

1970 - age 12. Despite the glasses, I was a big hit with the ladies. I was the first in my class to "make out" with a girl in the back row of the Illinois Theatre. Ah yes, I remember Tammy's lips like it was yesterday.

Mark, 1970 ... all my hair was chopped off because I'd been a bad boy... :)

Mark and mom, 1972

Ruth, 1972

MHS ID card, 1972

1973: summer music camp

1973 - acting like the dork that I was.

1974 - age 16, the year I discovered my two favorite things - backseat sex and marijuana

1974 - opening gifts after Christmas Eve service at the Presbyterian church. Check out the plaid seventies suit.

1974 - going to the prom with Beth Barclay. I think I fell asleep while sunbathing earlier that day . . .

1974 - my Seventies Mod Mom

1974: backstage during "Cheaper by the Dozen" -- my first speaking part on stage, see photo below

1974: backstage during "Cheaper by the Dozen"

1974: Article from MHS Sentinel about "Cheaper by the Dozen"

Summer of 1974: bit by the acting bug. Here's Don Norton and ??? from that summer in "Annie Get Your Gun"

Summer of 1975. I auditioned for and "made it" in WIU's Summer Music Theatre "company" of players. I was 16 that summer and had such a crush on 20-something Deb Carr, a theater major from South Dakota.

My second childhood home - 415 East Carroll Street in Macomb, IL. - though I loved it more during the summer

1975 - Ruth hates this photo because she thinks she looked so chunky - but this is one of the rare photos of all 3 Reed kids during that time period

1975 - Family photo with Grammy and our poodle Tina. I think Dan and I were both stoned. Hey, it was the 70s! This was the year I dyed my hair blonde - too blonde - Dan called me Ziggy Stardust

1976 - proud graduate of two very loving parents

1976 - my senior year picture - I was finally moving past that dork phase

1976 - I was free from high school and oh so happy!

1976 - my '72 Chevy Vega saw many happy times until a few weeks before graduation when someone broadsided me - I was lucky I walked away with a few lacerations

Senior photo, 1976

1976: Pocket diploma, in case they ask to see proof of a high school education when applying for a job at McDonalds . . .

Mark, 1976 drawing

Mark, 1976

Mark, 1976

At a Cards game, 1976

With mom and dad, 1976

WIU ID card, 1976

1977 - age 19 - kickin' back

With mom and Grammy in Biloxi, Mississippi, 1978. A year later I would drop out of college and be back in Biloxi in an Air Force training school

Mark, 1978

My Junior High and High School I.D. cards

Stan Musial Statue Dedication Ceremony program - front cover - I was a huge St Louis Cardinals fan in the '60s - Stan the Man retired in 1963 - in 1968, our family attended his bronze statue dedication ceremony

Stan Musial Statue Dedication Ceremony program - inside cover

Stan Musial Statue Dedication Ceremony program - back cover

The house I lived in from 1970 until I left Macomb in 1979

I loved Lake Argyle, near Macomb, Illinois

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle

My fake ID from back in the day - just the day/month of my birthdate was altered, can you tell? It worked fine in dark taverns. :)

1963, with Mom

1977, at Dan and Kathy's wedding, looking shaggy

1976, at a WKAI party with my high school bud Tim

Mark's hangout in the mid-late '60s - the A&W Root Beer Stand, Edwardsville, Illinois
Starting at the age of 15 during the summer of 1974, and during subsequent summers in 1975, 1976, and 1977, I performed in Western Illinois University's Summer Music Theatre. I shunned speaking parts - all I wanted to do was sing and dance as part of the chorus - I played townspeople, cowpokes, a longshoreman, a 50s teenager, a junior executive, and a tap dancing sailor in shows like Annie Get Your Gun, Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie, Hello Dolly, Carousel, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Camelot, and Anything Goes.

These summers were some of the most fun and exciting periods of my life!

College parts led to an interest in high school dramatics and a university major in Theatre and later Dance. But alas, reality set in and life took me in other directions. Still, my few years of singing, dancing, acting, and being part of the summer stock "company" yielded many good times and memories. Here are a few photos from my previous life in the arts . . .


1974 - I played a townsperson in "Annie Get Your Gun"

1974 - full cast and crew of "Annie Get Your Gun"

1975 - I played a townsperson in "The Music Man"

1975 - full cast and crew of "Annie"

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - Kevin Carr (drunk) was such a gas. And look, there are four of my Facebook friends... the dapper John Green (wearing glasses), the handsome Phil Newsome (oh bearded one), the hilarious Navida Stein (fuzzy slippers), and the all-grown-up-now Ron Synovitz (kid in bathrobe). Good times!!

1974 - "Annie" was such a fun show, my first real production. God, it was such fun! Love the teddy bear Navida... man, you were so creative with your roles.

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - John Green and Phil Newsome on the left, and Deb Carr, Shelly Rogers, and I on the right. Man, that was a fun show.

Close up of the previous photo

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - Shelly and I were the best dancing teenagers of I do say so myself!

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - We love you Conrad, oh yes we doooo. MHS Bombers: look, there's Tracy Egherman and Doug Schaedel on the right.

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - "Oh One Last Kiss..." - Deb Carr, I and Shelly are playing it to the hilt. Check out Kevin Carr with the wide eyes. Fun!

1975 - "Bye Bye Birdie" - The Telephone Hour - loved this number. I once missed my cue and was caught off-stage when the song started. The stage manager said, "just walk out there like you're suppose to be there and no one will notice." No one did... except the director. :) There you are at the top Deb!

1975 - "Hello Dolly" - Deb Carr was great as Dolly, and there in front is the incomparable Navida Stein, the gorgeous and sweet-voiced Lisa Loacker Lauren, and in the back right is Phil the waiter and Mark the cop. Ron, isn't that your mother on the far left? Check out the great Paul Mackey on the extreme right rear. Some of you might remember him playing Jesus in "JC Superstar" at WIU in about 1975. He was fantastic!

1975 - "Music Man" - great shot of everyone's profile and back. Nice bald spot Phil !

1974 - The guys and girls of "Annie"

1974 - Just the guys of "Annie"

1975 - Hello Dolly. On the left is Rich Wharton, who's had a helluva career in Hollywood films playing homeless guys, hippies, and lunatics.

1975 - Hello Dolly

1976 - Camelot

1976 - Carousel

1974 - an article about "Annie"

1975 - I played Larry in the Macomb High School production of "Cheaper By the Dozen"

1975 - the large spread about "Cheaper" in Macomb High School's Sentinel

1976 - I directed and acted in a one-act play at MHS

1976 - article about the One Acts

1976 - playing a garrish salesman in "The Pajama Game" at MHS

1976 - the salesman in action - "The Pajama Game" - one night someone forgot their lines in this scene and we all stood their staring at each other until I started improvising lines to end the scene - we all had a laugh about it later but were scared stiff on stage

1976 - The big finish for the musical number "SSSSsteam Heat" in "Pajama Game"

1966 - Mark (age 6) and mom at a Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville concert

1970 - (age 12) - Confirmation class at the First Presbyterian Church, Macomb, IL

1978 - I was a dance major for a year and a half at WIU. Jazz, modern, tap, even ballet. I loved to dance, just started too late in life to be at the level I should have been in college in order to go pro. But I had a blast!

I was 6, my sister Ruth (far left) was 10, and my brother Dan (crew cut, right) was 13. This was apparently a paper hat-themed birthday party, but none of us can remember who's birthday it was.

Summer of 1976, my second summer of being a member of "the company" of cast members in Western Illinois University's Summer Music Theatre. Eating out at Sambos after a night of partying, no doubt.

My sister Ruth and I in 1978. My shirt is a good indicator of the year, a souvenir from my mom's one and only trip to 1978.

My sister Ruth and our father, circa 1955.

The Reed family, circa 1961

Me, my brother Dan, and cousin margaret, circa 1963.

High school friend, Chris Vick, circa 1977

Dad, 1978

Great-grandmother McPherson, Grandmother Reed, my brother Dan, and Grandfather Reed, 1952

Mom and dad, with my sister, "Baby" Ruth and brother, Chief Dan, circa 1956

Distant memories, but some of these kids are now friends on Facebook, 1964-65