Mark, Dora, and Sherry

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January 2011: anniversary dinner at PF Changs, just the two of us. :)

Sherry is so cute when she sleeps with her tongue out

2011: Sherry loves to sit at the window and "watch the birdies!"

Halloween 2011: Mark and Dora won best costume at a party for their Knight and damsel regalia

Dora slayed 'em with her Guinnevere look

We took a short trip to Palm Spring, CA for our anniversary

2011: we attended a few Cardinals games, this one against Dallas. As you can see, Mark's loyalties are split...

Sherry, the "lounge lizard"

2011: Sherry is a mama's girl

No, she's daddy's girl

Nov 2011: attended a Boise State @ San Diego State football game in San Diego. The SDSU Aztecs got creamed! LOL!

Holiday fun at work, Dec 2011

At a holiday party, Dec 2011

At the Gammage to see "White Chirstmas," Dec 2011

Purty amaryllis flowers, purty Dora, Dec 2011

Sherry ready to doze off, Dec 2011

Christmas 2011: Christmas wouldn't be the same without t-shirts from Mark's conferences

Christmas 2011: Dora gets a thingamajig

Christmas 2011: BMW visor!

Sherry the alien kitteh, Dec 2011

Happy 32nd anniversary! Jan 2012

If we put down a box or box lid, there's Sherry. Feb 2012.

Sherry and her duckie, Mar 2012.

Leading the meditation service at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living, June 2012

Beautiful Sherry, May 2012

On our San Antonio Trip -- our favorite Texas restaurant, May 2012

Having fun in Fredrickburg, TX -- May 2012

"Leave me alone!"

At a church function, May 2012

At the Fantasy Springs Casino/ Resort in Indio, CA -- June 2012

The caption says it all

Trip to San Antonio, May 2012. Bummer, it was pouring when we got to the Riverwalk. But being from Phoenix, we LOVE rain. :)

Our spiritual center never had such a gorgeous bookstore manager, Jun 2012

Our new kitten Allie thinks Mark tastes good, Aug 2012

Tiny Allie with lovely Dora, Aug 2012

Isn't she so cute?

We've had so much fun with Allie, it's great to have a kitten in the house again!

Our 2012 costumes -- cute Indian maiden and hairy gunfighter

The Arizona state fair wouldn't be complete without my turkey leg! Oct 2012

Little Allie waits until Mark has his tablet on his lap to jump up and demand attention. Oct 2012

At Taylor's birthday dinner, Oct 2012

Having a blast at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living's annual picnic, Oct 12

At a Cardinals game -- Dora is saying "you better not take my picture!" Sep 2012

Having fun at a Cardinals game, Sep 2012

We saw Crosby, Stills, and Nash for the 7th time! Sep 2012

As usual, little Allie is watching Sherry's back. Sep 2012

Sherry still loves to pose, Sep 2012

Dora and Allie, Aug 2012

Christmas angel at the mall, Dec 2012

Dora with the Alien Allie, Dec 2012

Christmas shopping at the mall, Dec 2012

Allie and her weird daddy, Dec 2012

Posing for Santa Fashion Weekly. The first of what may be many Santa poses, Dec 2012

Mark playing Santa at our spiritual center. The kids loved it almost as much as the adults, Dec 2012

Sherry being lazy, Dec 2012

Who's your Santa? Dec 2012

Dora is the bookstore manager at the West Valley Center for Spiritual Living, Dec 2012

Foolin' around at Glendale Glitters. I asked if he sh*ts in the woods... but he was speechless, Dec 2012