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1996 - 1999

The Lanhams traveled to California for Taylor's 2nd birthday, 1996

Mom and dad looking sharp at the Perot wedding, 1996

The princess retires for the evening. Taylor, 1996

The origins of Pooh loving. Taylor and Wanda, 1996

In 1996, while living in Illinois, Dora and Mark took a trip to Dubuque, Iowa, where we jet ski'd the Mississippi and (in this photo), raced down Chestnut Mountain on the Alpine Slide. Dora talked about that slide for weeks.

Mom and dad attended the marriage of
our second cousin to Ross Perot's daughter, 1996

Goofing off at the Georgetown Pool, 1996

Mom and dad at a Heritage Days air show at the Macomb Airport, 1997.

While in grad school from '95 to '98, Mark did a 10-week internship at Columbia University in NYC. Dora came out for a visit and they arose early one morning to join the ranks of the Today Show groupies. Here's Al Roker, 1997.

Mark loves Katie Couric, 1997

Let the barbie doll collecting start! Taylor, 1997

Taylor loves Halloween, 1997

Quiet moment with mom, 1997

Wanda, Dora and Taylor
with Santa, 1997

Taylor and the
Bearded One, 1997

3 generations of beauty, 1998

Visit to Riverside, CA. Clockwise: Wanda, Cousin Lisa, Cousin Cindy, Dora, Tia Elva

Wanda, Taylor, and Aunt Dora at Disneyland. Dora is proud of her french fries and displays them for all to see.

Taylor in her barbie dress, 1998

Mike and Wanda's cat, Brutus, 1998
The old bugger made it to age 17 in 2007

The new-to-California kids, 1998

Taylor at the circus, 1998

I'm not sure if Taylor likes this clown

Cicus, 1998

What a beauty, 1998

Brunette poser, 1998

In our front yard
in Concord, CA, 1998

Dora, en vogue, 1998

One of the last photos
of Dora as a brunette, 1998

Happy to be in California, 1998

At a south bay arts fair, 1998

Mom and Dad, 1998

Taylor in Her inflatable bouncer,
4th Birthday Party, 1998

Taylor at an arts fair, 1998

Taylor's first tatoo, 1998

The traditional birthday party pinata, 1998

Wow, look at all this candy!

Don't know about you,
but I got MINE!

Easter time '99! Mark and Dora went on a picnic with the McKenneys to Big Basin national park. We enjoyed smahing cascarones on each others' heads.

Feeding Bambi at Big Basin, 1999

The Big 4-0. Happy
birthday Dora, 1999

Taylor loved her Uncle Mark, 1999 (that was before she was a teenager . . . )

The gang's all here! Clockwise: Cousin Terry, Grandma Sandy, Tia Elva, Uncle Holly, Mark, Dora, Taylor, and Grandpa Bill

Age 5 jitters. Taylor was just a tad freaked out by the merry-go-round, 1999

Ain't it "grand?" Dad was the Grand Marshal of the 1999 Homecoming Parade in Macomb

Mom and Mark
picking lemons, 1999

The Lanhams and McKenneys, 1999

Princess Taylor, 1999

What a ham, 1999

Two cool dude-etts, 1999

Taylor and her papa, 1999

Taylor loves the camera, 1999

Peace Brutha!

Don't be fooled, she's not bashful!

Taylor and Wanda, 1999

1996 - Mark and Dora with their step-nephew-in-law, Mitchell

1996 - out to eat in Illinois - Mark and Dora with Ruth and Craig

Dad at Mt Rushmore, 1999

1999 - Mom and dad with Uncle Burton and Aunt Ramona

1997 - Mark and Dora in Illinois

1998 Family Reunion - The Jones and Yearians

1998 Family Reunion - Mom and her cousins

1998 Family Reunion - The Reed and Brad Clans

1998 - Young Mitchell Brady

1998 - Ruth and Craig at Mom and Dad's house

On a casino riverboat in Burlington, IA. Hey, it's not Vegas but beats arcade games at Wal-Mart . . .

Dora and Wanda, 1996

Friends from grad school, Lynn and Randy, 1996

1996 Dubuque trip: we stayed at a beautiful little B&B, had a lovalbe collie.

Christmas 1996 with young Mitchell

1996: With Ruth and Craig at "The Junction" restaurant, corner of Highways 41 & 116 (aka middle of nowhere)

1996: location unknown

Taylor, 1996

Taylor, 1996, with diaper and daddy's boots on. Gotta show this to her prom date. Hey, that will be THIS year (2011) !!

Taylor, 1996

Yikes! Taylor with the chicken pox, 1996

1996: grad school buddies Alia and Suzanne

Christmas 1997 with Ruth and Craig and Grammy

Christmas 1997: new ties!

Grad school classmates, 1997

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Dora on the observatroy of the Empire State Building

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: view from the ESB

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Today Show, Al Roker

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: goofing off in Central Park

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: boating in Central Park. Yes, of course there's graffiti in the boat! :)

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Empire State Building

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: view from the ESB

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Today Show, Katie and Matt

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Dora has such a crush on Matt!

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: Look, a hick from the sticks in the Big Apple!

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: at a TV-themed restaurant. Mark won the TV trivia contest. We never saw our waitress after getting our food... the first and only time we did a "dine and dash!"

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: beautiful twin towers

Summer of '97 Internship in NYC: I worked in the Housing Office at Teachers College. What an exciting 10 weeks!

Getting a job in the O.R. is like scoring big for an R.N. Dora couldn't find a position in Texas, so she had to move to dinky little Macomb, IL to get into the O.R. It was meant to be, so she could support me while I stretched out my grad school as much as possible. :)

Grammy, 1997

With Grammy, 1997

1997: Alia and I presented at the National Orientation Directors Association conference in Denver

1997: at Ruth and Craig's house in Galesburg

Taylor, 1997

Taylor with Grandma and Grandpa, 1997

1997: In Texas with Taylor. She used to beg me to throw her up in the air!

1997: Taylor with Maine cousin Michael Paul

1997: Taylor X 2 + 1... Taylor with California cousins Taylor and Lisa Marie

Taylor, 1997

Taylor with Terra, 1997

1997 NODA Conference side trip: in Vail, CO with Alia

1998 ACPA conference with Alia and Suzanne

Western Illinois University's College Student Personnel graduate program, class of 1998

At a conference with Dea Forney (grad program professor) and Cari Sheets (mentor)

1998 graduation from WIU with professor and mentor Tim McMahon

Dora, 1998

Two cuties, 1998

Dora and Taylor, 1998

Picnic with the Clevingers

Feeding the goats with Taylor at Goatland, 1998

1998: we were so proud of our new lemon tree!

1998: Micki and Casey

Mom and dad in Carmel, 1998

Santa's little helpers, 1998

Taylor, 1998. Isn't she darling?

Taylor, 1998. She would strike these poses on cue, a photographer's dream!

Taylor and neighborhood friends, 1998.

Taylor, 1998. She was the queen of frilly clothes, barbies, and videos.

She was ALWAYS adorable. :)

Taylor was a real girly girl, 1998.

Taylor and friend, 1998.

What a great poser, 1998

1998: Taylor's "cheesy" smile, she inherited that one from her mom.

Taylor and the big tree, 1998

Taylor and Wanda, 1998

Taylor and Wanda, 1998

With Aunt Dora, 1998

Taylor, 1198. At Disneyland, this moment was precious. Taylor was a huge Pooh fan and when she finally met him in person she hesitated at first, then ran to him and threw herself on him screaming, "Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear!" Dora, Wanda, and Mark were laughing and crying at the same time. :)

Taylor at Disneyland, 1998. She couldn't wait to get behind that wheel!

Taylor at Disneyland, 1998. She HAD to fly a plane!

Taylor at Disneyland, 1998

Wanda and Taylor, 1999

1999: Dora and Wanda, picnic trip to Big Basin National Park

1999: Mark and Taylor, picnic trip to Big Basin National Park

1999: new home for Wanda and Taylor in Arizona. And a new dog too... Sammy!

1999: Taylor, showing off her new kitchen in Peoria, AZ

1999: Home "spa day"

Taylor, 1999

Taylor with Aunt Dora, 1999

Taylor's 5th birthday, 1999

Halloween 1999: Taylor was SO excited about dressing up as Dorothy!

Pretty in pink, 1999

Christmas 1999: Taylor with classmates at her new school in Arizona

1999: The Cowboy fans pictured here actually IN Texas

Dad at Mt Rushmore, 1999

Mom and dad, 50th anniversary, 1999

The Reeds and Bradys at mom and dad's 50th anniversary party, 1999

Uncle Burton and Aunt Ramona "stood up" for mom and dad when they were married in 1949 - here's the four of them 50 years later.

Christmas 1999: mom and dad were so happy to finally be grandparents . . . well . . . step-grandparent that is.

1999: the gang (minus Mike)

1997: Story in WIU's "Western Courier" about my new venture in grad school! Notice the archaic language... World Wide Web was a brand new term back then... lol.

Christmas portrait, 1999

Taylor and Grandmas, 1999

Taylor at a family picnic, 1999

Taylor with her Aunt Dora and Uncle Mark, 1999