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1993 - 1995

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Mark, Dora, and Ruth in Illinois, 1993

1993 - From 1991 to 1994, I worked in the Satellite Personnel Office at Lackland Air Force Base, servicing the personnel needs of 2,000 Wilford Hall hospital folks. This was a fun job, mainly because of a really nice Senior Master Sargeant (our boss), Roy Gooden. I hope to see him again someday.

1993 - my running buddy, Doug Cobb. We had just run the "Capital Mile" in Austin

Mom and Dad's new home on Richmond Rd in Macomb, IL

Cute little backyard on Richmond Rd

Dora and Wanda at a nursing Christmas party, 1994

Mark, Dora, and Mark's Folks Bob and Mary at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, 1994

1994 - a rare gathering of Mark and Dora's parents, with Dan

Mom had a fascination with Christmas trees, so she had to get this shot at Fiesta Texas, 1994

One of dad's facinations was classic cars, Fiesta Texas, 1994

Another Fiesta Texas photo, 1994

Mom was brave, dad shied away from "rides", Fiesta Texas, 1994

Welcome Taylor! Notice that she has two middle names because Mike and Wanda wanted to honor everyone. Her first middle name is "Reed" and the second, Sandine, is a combination of her two grandmas, Sandy and Christine.

Taylor, age one. Isn't she adorable?

Mom's fascination with Christmas trees resulted in her being chairperson of the Festival of Trees celebration in Macomb.

Mom and dad at home, sometime in the mid-1990s.

Mark's cousins and great aunt. Four generations - young Rachel being held by her mother, Mary, with Mary's mother Susan and grandmother, Eunice.

Bill, 1995

Circa early 1990s - Mark's dad with his mom and sisters

At home in San Antonio, 1993

In Illinois for Christmas. Notice the shirt - Dora was a full-time nursing student

At Dora's nursing Christmas party

Finally! Dora was very happy the day she earned her BSN from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, 1994

Dora had loads of fun and made many new friends in nursing school, 1994

Back in the mid-1990s, just about the only types of t-shirts Mark wore were those earned from running 5K or 10K races.

At Fiesta Texas, 1994

Dora always rolled out of bed early to accompany Mark when he ran road races, 1994

In 1993, Ruth and I ran the Bix 7 race in Davenport, Iowa. As you can tell, that was the year of the Davenport flood.

Christmas in Illinois, 1993. Dora was in nursing school in San Antonio at the time.

Visiting Illinois in 1993. I was a runner, look how thin and brown I looked. :)

Visiting Pier 39 in San Francisco with cousins Terry and Cindy, 1993

Traveled to the Bay Area in 1993 just to run the "Bay to Breakers" 12K race with friend Doug Cobb. Oh what fun we had!

Lackland Air Force Base, 1993. Two of the 6 people who worked for me. Mr Joe Ten Cate was a very unique man, and the woman (Sergeant) pictured had the most unusual name... Sabina Wiener.

1993: Mr. Efficiency, Staff Sergeant Kevin Beville.

1993, the year we were ALL thin!

Taco Christmas lunch at work, we liked to cook. The young airman pictured, Tammy Ciolfi, recently (2011) retired from the Air Force, which means that everyone I ever knew in the A.F. is now retired. Hmmm....

1994: Taylor's first Christmas, all bundled up for a chilly night on the town in San Antonio, TX

1994: Dora with friends, graduating from Nursing School.

Dora: Look at me, I's graduatin' !!

Dora: you can't see my face because it's too white, but here's my diploma!

1994: Post nursing school graduation celebration party

1994: Goofin' off at school. Dora graduated from the UTHSCSA... the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

1994: Post-surgery, Micki was attached to her momma

1994: with Wanda at nursing graduation party

The Lanham Women, 1994

Christmas 1994: everyone was chunky except Mark the runner

Halloween 1994: goofing off with the guys at work. 1994 was the year I learned about Windows and Microsoft Word!

1994 Iowa trip: having fun with dad and young cousin Rachel -- my Facebook buddy who's now (2011) at college

1994: one of those rare holidays when Bob and Mary Reed visit Texas, this holiday also included the Clevingers

Taylor, 9 weeks old, 1994

1994: Grandma Sandy and Aunt Dora getting to know Taylor

1994: New momma Wanda and Taylor

1995: Taylor, 6 months

Grammy, 1995. She was 89 in this photo and lived to be almost 92.

Mark and Dora, 1995

Yippee! Finally retiring from the Air Force. Being presented with my retirement certificate by Lieutenant John Murray, 1995.

Mom and dad were snowbirding in San Antonio and attended my retirement ceremony, 1995.

Dora received a certificate of appreciation too. She deserved one!

And flowers, don't forget the flowers!

Being presented my retirement shadow box, 1995.

Retirement reception, 1995

Retirement reception, 1995

Retirement reception, 1995

Retirement press release -- mom wrote 'em, sent them to the Macomb Daily Journal, and then cut them out of the newspaper and sent them to me. What a great mom!

1995: After retiring from the Air Force, I started grad school at WIU. Dora stayed behind in San Antonio for a few months, so I lived in the dorm (Higgins Hall), the same dorm I had stayed in while in summer music camp 25 years earlier. :)

Being a full-time student again after all those years in the Air Force? I was in seventh heaven! Check out the Apple IIe computer I'm working on.

1995: Our niece Taylor, 1 year old.

Isn't she a cutie?!

She's holding up her finger to show you how old she is... Mike and Wanda spent the first 5 years of Taylor's life living in Mountain View, CA. Mike was an Air Force Pharmacy Tech stationed at Moffet Field.

Two days before her first birthday, 1995.

Taylor, Christmas 1995

Taylor, 4 months, 1995. Love that expression.

One of our favorite photos of Taylor, 4 months, 1995.

Grandma and grandpa with 8-month old Taylor, 1995.

1997: In beautiful Vale, CO on holiday

At a Mountain View, CA street fair with Mike and Wanda, 1998.

Mark and his sister Ruth, crossing the finish line of the Bix 7 Road Race. Fun!

Along with 20,000 others, running the Peachtree 10K Roadrace in Atlanta, 1993

Dora was still working in Texas, Mark was moving into a dorm in Illinois. Here's mom to help out in Olson Hall, 1995.

Waiting for the WIU Homecoming parade to start with mom, 1995.

Taylor, age 1, 1995