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Mark and Dora in New York and Washington D.C. (1989)

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On the ferry from the Statue of Liberty. It was January, Dora was freezing. Having just come from Iceland, Mark thought it was a tad cool. Check out the twin towers in the background.

Dora at the White House - a week before Bush Sr.'s inauguration

My good buddy Ed Samuelian

The Jefferson Memorial. Someday I'll get this same photo in the spring with the cherry blossoms.

At the Lincoln Memorial - standing in the footsteps of Rev. Martin Luther King (and Forrest Gump)

Chinatown, 1989

Lady Liberty - did you know she has many little sisters?

Times Square - the hick from the sticks had arrived!

View from the top of one of the twin towers - this one's a keeper

Love this photo - the Vietnam Wall in D.C.

The Capital Building

The Hall of Presidents in the Capital Building

Queing up to see the Declaration of Independence

Tourist-friendly squirrels in Constitution Gardens near "The Wall."

Lincoln Memorial

The Man himself

The "old" supreme court in the Senate Building

Dora at the Smithsonian

So long Tricky Dick

In 1989, you could walk right up to the White House... no more of that. These days, if you want to get within 200 yards of it, you need to write your congressman and arrange a tour months in the future. The terrorists won . . .

Capital Building, 1989

View from atop the Empire State Building, 1989

In 1989, Dora and I climbed the steps to the top of Lady Liberty for a great view, which is not allowed anymore.

Ferry ride, 1989

Love this shot of the Reflecting Pool in D.C., 1989

View from atop the Empire State Building, 1989

Vietnam Memorial Wall, 1989