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Mark and Dora, Friends and Family, 1989 - 1992

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At Sea World San Antonio with Mark's parents, Bob and Mary, 1990

At the Alamo, 1990

The two dads, Bill and Bob, 1992

With Bill and Sandy (and Putt Putt) in San Antonio, 1992

Christmas in Illinois, 1992

Grammy and mom, Christmas 1992

Mark, with his parents, sister Ruth, and brother Dan - dad's retirement celebration, 1992

Great part-time job - from 1992 - 1994, I delivered for Pizza Hut to put Dora through nursing school, 1992

Also from 1992 - 1994 (until I was injured), I ran over sixty 5K and 10K races.

Dad, Christmas 1989 (wearing his Oklahoma Sooners hat - on the back of the photo, mom wrote "our new coach")

Christmas 1989 - mom got a new hat too

Bill and Sandy, 1991

1992 - on an Iowa riverboat gambling boat excursion - Mark, Steve, Ruth, and mom

Dora, Christmas, 1989

Grammy, 1989 (see next photo)

Reverse of previous photo

Lanham holiday photo, 1989

Lanham holiday photo, sisters, 1989

Lanham holiday photo, 1989

Lanham holiday photo, Bill and Sandy, 1989

Caricature of Mark drawn by an artist in Picadilly Circus, London, 1989

Dora, 1990

Christmas 1991. I still have my "Desert Storm tan" - I was in my dress blues for church, mom LOVED this uniform. :)

Mom and dad, 1990

A couple of Reed couples, 1990

Christmas 1991. I could tell it was 1991 because of the Saddam Hussein toilet paper sitting on the floor . . .

1991: on an Iowa riverboat casino

Heritage Days parade, 1991. Mom loved stuff like this.

1991: Office buddies

1992 was the year dad retired after 30 years with the state of Illinois - in honor of his service, he was grand marshall of the WIU Homecoming Parade!

March 1992: Mark ran his first road race, the Capital 10,000 (10K) with friend Doug Cobb. Until he was injured 2.5 years later, he ran over fifty 5Ks, 8Ks, 10Ks, 12Ks, and a half marathon.

Christmas 1992: mom and Grammy

Yes, that's Mary Reed in the same photo as Ross Perot. Our cousin married Mr. Perot's daughter and mom and dad were invited to the multi-million dollar affair.

At Fiesta Texas amusement park, 1992

Receiving the Commendation Medal at Lackland Air Force Base, 1989

Dad in a Chicago restaurant, 1989

Micki, on our bed at 9934 Sandy Field, San Antonio, 1990

Christmas on Sandy Field, 1990

Dad showing off his roses, 1990

My first attempt at landscaping, 1990

Our first home purchase, 1990

Sandy Field living room, 1990

Christmas 1991

With Grammy, Christmas 1991

Got my Bart shirt, Christmas 1991