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1984 - 1988

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Mike and Wanda, 1984

David Crosby - 1984 was the year of our first CSN concert. Have seen them 7 times now.

Stills and Nash, 1984

Dora with her Uncle Holly, Aunt Elva and cousins Terry and Cindy, circa 1984.

Dora, 1984

Dora and Micki, 1984

Check out Dora's cute freckles, 1984

Micki had kittens! This is Max and Nicki. Max was adopted by Wanda and became "Smokey," who lived for another 16 years.

Max was a video nut, 1984

Micki, 1983

Wanda and fiance Mike, 1984

Dora and Churro, 1984

A favorite photo of Dora, 1984

Dora and her beautiful smile and freckles, 1984

Innocent Mark, 1984

The fun-loving couple, Venice Beach, 1984

Young (age 20) Michael, 1984

Our favorite 80's destination, 1984

Dora at the beach, 1984

Mark's G.I. buddies at a ballgame, 1984

At Disneland with mom, 1984

Taking the reenlistment oath administered by the USAF Thunderbirds, 1984

Wanda and Mark, 1984

Christmas in Illinois, 1985

Vacationing up Hwy 1, near Monterrey, 1985

Dora and Wanda holding Wanda's Christmas gift, Smokey, 1985

Dora at Venice Beach, with her 80's hair, 1985

The closest Mark ever came to looking hunky, 1985 (look closely behind him and you'll see an LP turntable)

1985 Family portrait

Mark, 1985

1985 - from 1983 to 1986, I was Director of the March Air Force Base Career Advising Office, the best Air Force job I ever had. In 1985, I was an Honor Graduate (4th in my class) of the NCO Academy and was named NCO of the Year for March Air Force Base (my first "fifteen minutes")

Dora during her 80's aerobics phase, 1985

Mike and Wanda, 1985

Recovery friends Joe and Martha, 1985

Fun in Rehab 1985

My dad ran for a won the city alderman race in 1985. Go dad!

Dora, posing with all the gifts we received from Illinois, 1985. Check out the Joan Jett t-shirt!

Dora, Christmas 1985

Dora and Micki, 1985

Staff Sergeant Reed, Noncommissioned Officer of the Year for March Air Force Base. Woohoo, my "15 minutes!"

Micki, 1985

Micki again, 1985

Mom and dad, Christmas 1985. I can tell this is Illinois by the old stand up radiator in the background. :)

Oklahoma family, 1985

In 1985, the Air Force Thunderbirds administered the oath of reenlistment to two buddies and I on the flightline. Very cool. The Thunderbirds arrived by flying low and silently over the horizon, and then they screamed over us, what a rush. Notice how well my buddy Frank (next to me) stood at attention, I was the sloucher. :)

Graham Nash and David Crosby - our favorite group, we've seen CSN several times, 1986

The "S" of CSN - Stephen Stills, 1986

Mark's women - Dora, sister Ruth, and his mom Mary - rainy day at Universal Studios, 1986

Mark, 1986

Special night out - Mike and Wanda on their first anniversary, 1986

Universal Studios caricature of mom, 1986

Famous for 15 minutes, 1986

Love Yosemite, 1986

Mark, on a rafting trip on the American River, 1986

1986 - Dora and I attended a recovery Halloween costume dance. No one had any idea the wolfman was Mark until the dance was over

1986 - Dora was the sexy catwoman

Sandy and Dora, 1986

Christmas with Grammy, Ruth, and Dan, 1987

Christmas in Illinois, 1987

It was downright PAINFUL parting with my Firebird, 1987

Christmas in Illinois, 1987. Spent a month in Macomb before proceeding to Iceland, and made some new friends.

Mom and Ruth at Universal Studios, 1987

Christmas 1987 with Grammy, Ruth, and Dan. I stopped in Illinois on my way to Iceland!

Dora with her new haircut, 1987

1987 -- check out Dora's spike hair. This was the 80's... we HAD to visit and buy shirts at every Hard Rock Cafe we saw.

Living the single life. When Mark got his orders to Iceland, Dora took at job in West Hollywood. We missed each other terribly that year.

1987 -- yep, definitely the 80's. Isn't she cute?

Illinois friends, 1987

Mark in West Holloywood, right before he lieft for Iceland, 1987

1987 -- Micki moved to West Hollywood but defintely didn't like the earthquakes.

Iceland recovery - good friend Alan, 1988

Iceland - approaching the Blue Lagoon, 1988

In my barracks room in Iceland, 1988

My barracks room, 1988

My barracks room, 1988

My barracks room, 1988

One of the few times in my life I went skiing, 1988

I stuck to the bunny hill, 1988

All I remember about that day of skiing was a bit of fun and a lot of cold, 1988

Flashing at the Blue Lagoon, 1988

The Blue Lagoon, 1988

The Blue Lagoon, 1988

The Blue Lagoon, 1988

The Blue Lagoon, 1988

The chow hall, 1988

With Personnel Office buds Doug Casey, Rick Payne, and John Morris, 1988

Fishing in Iceland, 1988. I caught one! Actually the 6 of us caught about 70 that day. We brought all the fish back to our barracks in about 7-8 garbage bags and didn't know what to do with them. So we took them to the NCO Club (next door to our dorm) and donated them. Three hours later, the guy from the NCO Club appears in our dorm day room with two huge platters of fried fish. Nice guy... and we got to eat our fish!!

The fishing excursion, 1988

The fishing excursion, 1988

The fishing excursion, 1988

Our offices overlooked the flightline, 1988. We saw aircraft from every NATO country!

Opening Christmas gifts in Iceland, 1988

Fooling around at Thingvellir National Park, Iceland, 1988

Iceland recover buds, coffee after the meeting, 1988

One of the guys who helped me stay sane in Iceland, Ken Lemler, 1988

"Ski" -- one of my troops. Turns out he was from Chicago and had attended WIU. Small world. 1988

Always buried in paperwork, 1988

Fooling around with John Morris, 1988

My barracks, 1988

In my office, 1988

In my office, 1988

Caricature of my friend Martin and I, 1988

Iceland R&R - My parents and sister met me in Chicago and we drove to Mundelein to see my brother. The entire family was together! 1988

Iceland R&R - Mundelein Holiday Inn, 1988

Iceland R&R - Mundelein Holiday Inn, 1988

Iceland R&R - My sister Ruth and I - Mundelein Holiday Inn, 1988

Iceland R&R - Ruth - Mundelein Holiday Inn, 1988

Iceland R&R - Ex-Bro-in-Law Steve Robison (Peach-head), Mundelein Holiday Inn, 1988

The Icelandic Navy Exchange. I onced walked thru a blizzard to buy a comb here, only to discover the Navy was out of combs. 1988

My buddy Jim Valley at one of my favorite stops, the mail room, 1988

Getting promoted to Tech Sergeant, 1988

Driving to Reykjavik, 1988

Reykjavik, 1988

Iceland - office buds Rick Payne and Ron Hagen, 1988

Iceland - senior NCO barracks, 1988

With Icelandic bud Martin, 1988

Iceland - the NCO Club, the Windbreaker, 1988

R&R in California with Dora at Universal Studios, 1988

Iceland recovery - can't remember their names, but they were good friends, 1988

Iceland recovery - the place in Reykjavik where they had English-speaking meetings - we called it the greenhouse

Iceland - the "blue lagoon" - natural sulfur springs - one big jacuzzi, 1988

On leave from Iceland - Dora in her West Hollywood apartment's jacuzzi, 1988

Dora in Vegas, 1988

My favorite co-worker and friend in Iceland, Doug Casey, 1988

Iceland recovery - partying and flirting with no booze, New Year's Eve 1988

With Air Force friends Octavia and Ronnie, Gullfoss Waterfalls, Iceland, 1988

Icelandic countryside - beautiful! 1988

Icelandic recovery friend, Erla, 1988

At Gullfoss Waterfalls - it looked green but was as cold as a witch's thorax, 1988

More Icelandic recovery friends - they were so open and friendly, 1988

Opening Christmas gifts in Iceland, 1988

With my Navy recovery bud Carol at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rekyavik, 1988

My Iceland farewell party - the customary parting gift was a clock in the shape of the island - with my supervisor Ron Hagen, 1988

Iceland recovery - Friends Erla and Martin, 1988

Iceland recovery - Martin was half British and half Icelandic, and my best friend in Iceland, 1988

Iceland recovery - Mark at a meeting, 1988

With American recovery friend in Reykjavik - it was summer, notice Icelandics lounging on the grass, 1988

An area of Iceland named Thingvellir (Google it and you'll see more beautiful photos), 1988

My roommate in Iceland, Ray Robinson, 1988

Public pool in Rekyavik, 1988

Icelandic sheep (with their winter overcoats on), 1988

On leave from Iceland - Dora and I at Universal Studios, 1988

On leave from Iceland - Dora and I at our honeymoon hangout, the San Antonio Riverwalk, 1988

On leave from Iceland - at Wanda's graduation from nursing school, 1988

On leave from Iceland - the Reed family, 1988

Wanda and Dora, 1988

Gathering of the Lanhams for Wanda's nursing school graduation, 1988

I made a whole new group of "recovery friends" in Iceland. Only two English-speaking "meetings" in the country, we got very close and had lots of fun. Second fron the left is Martin who I re-connected with via Facebook.

1988 - R&R back in the states during my Iceland tour with my Illinois buddy Ed Samuelian (wish I could find him on Facebook)

Gulfoss, the Icelandic "Old Faithful."

Another shot of the Blue Lagoon

That's where the famous Icelandic wool comes from

Airman Ken Lemler, a buddy in Iceland. Just re-connected with him on Facebook, cool!

"Hey, watch that hand Nick!" Goofing off in Iceland. I wore that parka 11 of the 12 months I was there, it was like a brother...

Beautiful Iceland. It's the youngest country geologically but has the oldest form of democracy dating back to the 1200's. It has the highest literacy rate and the highest rate of alcoholism. Let's have some vodka and read a book!

Buddies Martin and Ken, 1988

My summer jacket in Iceland, 1988

The Lanhams, 1988

My $500 Czechoslavakian Skoda that got me around Iceland. You may have never heard of Skodas because they don't meet American import standards - a tin can with a motor! I bought it from a G.I. for $500 when I got to Iceland and sold it to a G.I. for $500 when I left a year later.

R&R from Iceland, Dora and Wanda on the San Antonio Riverwalk, 1988

Dora, 1984

The Lanhams, Reeds, and McKenneys, 1984

Christmas in Iceland, 1988

Enjoying cake at the Personnel office in Iceland , 1988

With office mate John Morris in Iceland, 1988