The Wedding Photos (1980)

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Wedding Announcement from Mark's Hometown Newspaper, 1980

A Beautiful Bride and her Father

Kneeling at Our Catholic Wedding. Mark's Presbyterian Knees Were Sore by the End of the Ceremony.

We Did It !!

Mark and Dora with Mark's Parents, Jan. 25, 1980

The Wedding Party, 1980

At the Alter

The Beautiful Bride with Her Father, Bill

Mark and Dora with Mark's Parents, Bob and Mary

Getting Ready to Shove Cake in Each Other's Mouth

Chapel # 2, Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. Five years later Mike and Wanda were married in this same chapel, by the same minister.

A Better Cake Photo

Dora with Mark's Mom Before the Service

Dora with Her Mom, Sandy

Dora with Bill and Sandy

Dora with Her Cousin Terry

Throwing the Bouquet. Wanda did a flying one and half dive for it (with a twist).

The First of Many Times We Fed Each Other

The Gifts! Oh Boy, Our First Food Processor!

Pucker Up Baby!

Babe City! Dora's Cousins Leticia (L) and Terry. Dora's Abuelita (Grandmother) is in the background.

With Dora's Abuelita

Post-Reception with Bill and Sandy

With Mark's Folks and Sister Ruth

What a Match!

With Mark's Sister Ruth

Throwing the Garter Belt. Two G.I.s were knocked unconscious in the melee

Mary and Ruth

The Receiving Line

Mark's Best Man and First Air Force Supervisor, Bob Svoboda, with Sandy

Maid of Honor, Wanda (age 16)

Proud dad

Mark's mom, Mary with Dora

The happy couple

Chapel 1, Randolph Air Force Base

Let's see if we can cut this without toppling it...

An impromtu photo the photographer wasn't prepared for - we used Mark's mom's coat as a backdrop

Preparing for the wedding, Tia Lydia

The long shot - beautiful