1979 - 1983

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Mark and Dora, 1979

Mark and Parents, 1979

G.I. Joe, 1979

Grammy, Dora, and Mark, Christmas 1980

Bob, Christmas 1980

Denee at Canyon Lake (Texas), 1980

Denee (left) and Steve, 1980

Dora and Denee, 1980

Dora, Randolph AFB, 1980

Dora, New Orleans, 1981

Mark & Dora at a Halloween Party, 1980

At Dora's Cousin Gracie's Wedding, 1980

Our First Portrait, 1980

Getting Domesticated. Our First Base Housing, 1980

Bill & Mark Sharing Thanksgiving Nap, 1980

Mark and Denee, 1980

Denne Had Razor Sharp Puppy Teeth, 1980.

Departing for Honeymoon, Jan. 25, 1980

Our Cat Steve on Top of Our First TV

Bill & Sandy with Duke, 1981

Caught Denee Taking a Nap, 1981

Dora in Front of the Randolph Air Force Base Taj Majal, 1981

L to R: Mark's First Job's Supervisors Sharon Hook, Jo Hogue, and Chief Master Sergeant Kitty Enters

Christmas in San Antonio, Mom & Dad, 1981

Busch Stadium from the Top of the St. Louis Arch, 1981

Christmas in Illinois, Dad and Ruth, 1981

The Harlingen Gang

Trying Out Mark's Special Effects Lenses, Dora at the Beach, 1981

Opening presents, Christmas 1982

Beautiful Dora, 1982

After Our Trip to Gilley's, 1981

Mark & Ruth, 1982

Trip to Oklahoma, 1981

Steve Up a Tree, 1982

Mark's Texas Lutheran College Graduation, 1983

Visiting the Clevingers, 1983

At the Beach, 1982

Dora in a Jovial Mood, 1983

Dora at Knott's Berry Farm, 1983

Mark, 1983

Oklahoma Visit, 1983

Dad & Muff, 1983

Dora's Favorite Flower, the Texas Blue Bonnet

Posing at Lanham's, 1979

On Our Honeymoon at the Alamo, 1980

Mark's Homstead from 1970 to 1979, 415 East Carroll St., Macomb, IL

One of Our Favorite Photos - Posing in Front of Our First Car, a 1980 Chevy Citation, 1980

We Lived with Bill & Sandy the First Three Months of Our Marriage. Washing Dishes, 1980

Working on BA in Psychology, 1980

Dora in a contemplative mood, 1983

Dora, Mark's shining star, 1983

Gorgeous Dora, 1983

Handsome Mark, 1983

Air Force basic training, 1979

Graduated from basic training! 1979

Christmas photo of Ruth, Dan, and I, 1979

Grammy was proud of her new airman grandson, 1979

Meanwhile in San Bruno, CA . . . Dora and Mark hadn't met yet during this summer of '79, she was finishing up her Associate's degree. Here she is with her family, 1979

Good buddy Paul Vinton from technical training school at Keesler AFB, 1979

The message on the back of Paul's photo - he was right, we did catch up... in 2011, on Facebook. As of this writing (Nov 2011), we're planning to get together (32 years later) during an April 2012 visit to San Antonio, although I don't know about the beer for me - that was more of a tech training beverage.

My technical training buds. L to R: Martin Shackelford, Paul Vinton, me, Keith Manning.

More friends from Keesler AFB. L to R, spelling out the word "friends" in sign language: me, Roxie Jones, Martin Shackelford, and Patty Bright.

Dora and I dated for 12 days before I proposed to her and we were married 2 months later. A year later on our first anniversary, Dora's mom presented us with the top layer of this cake from her freezer to eat. Man it tasted nasty. :)

Our first Christmas, 1980, in San Antonio

Dora and work friend Barb Lanier, 1980

Dora in our base housing apartment, 1980

Mark went through a "photography craze phase" - here's Dora in front of the "Taj Mahal" at Randolph AFB, 1980

1980 family portrait

1980 - our "pool-shooting" friend Yvette Tomayo ("Lefty") . . . R.I.P.

Dora's aunts, uncles, and cousins in Harlingen, TX for cousin Leticia's wedding, 1980

On the beach at Padre Island, 1980

1980 - at an Air Force semi-annual picnic, where we first danced in 1979

Getting ready to leave for our honeymoon, 1980

Mom and dad at our wedding reception, 1980. Dora's "abuelita" (grandmother) in the background

The Lanhams and newly-joined Reeds

Wanda was on some flag-waving team in high school. Isn't she cute? 1980

Wanda looks like a Latina Princess here doesn't she? 1980

Wand'a senior year photo, 1980

Ah, that pouty expression brings back memories. I see it on Taylor occassionally. :)

Lanhams and Reeds, 1980

Lanhams, Reeds, and Reeds, 1980

Love this photo of Sandy adjusting Dora's veil. The expression on Dora's face is pricesless.

Sandy with my best man and Air Force supervisor, Bob Svoboda. In 2011, I reconnected with him on Facebook after 30 years.

Dad, at a San Antonio Riverwalk cafe, 1981

Dan and Mark in Checotah, Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, 1981

Again,my photography phase... love this photo of Dora, 1981

Playing in the snow, Illinois Christmas, 1981

The beads remind us this photo was taken on a trip to New Orleans, 1981

Mark, 1981

Boy oh boy, we look so young, 1981

Having fun with Sandy, 1981

First Christmas in Illinois, 1981

Reeds travel to San Antonio, posing near the Alamo, 1981

"No, don't look at me, look over there." Mom posing on the Riverwalk, 1981

First Anniversary - hey, there's the top of our wedding cake that tasted nasty after sitting in the freezer all year. I was smiling until I bit into it

Illinois Christmas, 1981

I graduated to special camera lens filters. Dora, 1982

Here's Dora at the famous tavern "Gilley's" near Houston (featured in the movie "Urban Cowboy"). Neither of us was brave (or foolish?) enough to "ride the bull."

Hubba hubba! Dora on a Padre Island beach, 1982

Dad with Tina, 1982

Bill and Sandy's energetic doberman, Duke. We loved this boy, but he passed after only 6 years from heartworm.

Albert and Gracie's (Dora's cousin) wedding, with Sandy and Wanda, 1982

Trip to Checotah. We drove up to Dallas to see the Rolling Stones in concert at the Cotton Bowl... and kept driving north to Checotah, Oklahoma (where Mark's dad was born/raised) to see Mark's Grandma, 1982.

Dora, 1982

Getting promoted to Sergeant, 1982

Texas Lutheran College in Seguin, TX offered night courses at Randolph Air Force Base, so the TLC advisor helped me formulate a plan to finally get my B.A.

Mom on her 51st birthday, 1982

Mom and dad joined us on a trip to Padre Island, 1982

Mom, Padre Island, 1982

Aunt Velma, Aunt Francis, and Grandma Reed, 1982

The Oklahoma Clan. Front row, L to R: Aunt Sue, Great Aunt Francis, Dora, Cousin Roberta, Aunt Shirley. Back row, L to R: Cousin Jason, Great Aunt Velma, Grandma Reed, Uncle Jim

I attended 4 different colleges in San Antonio to collect all the credits toward my B.A., 1982

San Antonio has lots of Catholic universities!

Reeds and Reeds, 1982

Aunt Sue (R.I.P.) and Uncle Jim, 1982

Dora's cousin Thelma and her daughter Angie, the cutest toddler ever, 1982

Wanda the co-ed, 1982

Our beloved beagle-mix, Denee, 1983

Dora, 1983

Trying out the newly-invented 1,000 ISO film and a star filter. This turned out to be a favorite photo of Dora, 1983

Finally! After 7 years, I obtained my B.A. in Psychology, 1983

Mom and dad traveled down for my graduation ceremony at Texas Lutheran College in Seguin, TX, 1983

1983: after 4 years at Randolph Air Force Base I received orders to move to March Air Force Base, near Riverside, CA, and a new job, Career Advisor. I was on the top of the world! Here I am with my Randolph supervisor, Jo Hogue, with whom I reconnected on Facebook after 30 years

Our Persian cat, Steve, died right after we arrived in California. We adopted our new family member, Micki, in 1983. She was with us for 18 years.

Micki, 1983

Micki's first bath, 1983

Micki didn't like baths at all, but she trusted Dora enough to let her soak her.

Mom with Tina, 1983

Wanda's high school grad photo, 1982

Ruth, Dora, and Mark, 1983

Christmas, 1981

Christmas, 1981

Dad on the School Board, 1980

1981, Dora and I in our new Gilley's shirts. Remember the movie "Urban Cowboy?"

Christmas 1981 in Schertz, TX. Ruth helping with the dishes.

1982, Mark was best man for his pal Pete DiMarzio.