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Valentine's Day dance at the Spiritual Enrichment Center

Mark's funny Valentine, Dorothy Moore

In March 2009, Mark took a trip to Seattle for the NASPA conference. Here's a view of the city from the top of the Space Needle

At the NASPA conference with Dea Forney, one of Mark's graduate program professors

At NASPA with former professor Tim McMahon and Tracy Scott of the WIU Orientation Office

2009 Spring break trip to San Antonio - this is the chapel on Randolph Air Force Base where Mark and Dora were wed in 1980

Inside Chapel 2 - this is pretty much what it looked like in 1980

Spring break trip - eating good Tex Mex food at Bill's favorite restaurant

April 2009 - Took a trip to L.A. to see the Smothers Brothers - stopped at Griffith Observatory for a birdseye view of the City of Angels

At Griffith Observatory - love the Hollywood sign!

Memorial Day weekend 2009 - it was Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone, AZ. Yeehaw!

Tombstone - we had to take the stagecoach ride

Dora posing with some shifty-looking cowpokes in Tombstone

Streets of Bisbee, AZ

May 2009 - getting ready to watch Taylor's 8th grade promotion ceremony

Taylor was a proud and lovely-looking 8th grade grad

Taylor and her friend Natalie at her promotion ceremony

June 2009 - weekend trip to San Diego

San Diego County Fair - Mark holding a turkey leg, his favorite "fair faire" - Dora got her favorite (funnel cake) later

View from the Sky Ride at the San Diego County Fair

We joined a band at the fair and rocked out . . . dude

A friend recommended the Venetian Italian resturant in San Diego - YUM!

In June 2009, Mark graduated from a 3-year training program and became a licensed practitioner (spiritual counselor) through the Church of Religious Science.

With fellow new practitioners Susan Little (L) and Sarah Busby

Dora was so proud

July 2009 - Dora, Wanda, and Taylor went to see the broadway show "Wicked" in Phoenix

In Dec 2009, Mark will complete his 3-year term on the Board of Trustees at the Spiritual Enrichment Center.

Dora shows off her new hairdo

Dora and Wanda, 2009

Sunny loves to be loved, 2009

Dora and Sunny snuggling, 2009

Next to snuggling and playing, Sunny loves sleeping the most

Sunny speaks
Videos and photos from the Paul McCartney concert we attended in March 2010
Dora, Mark, Taylor, and Wanda at the 2009 AZ State Fair
Photos from our 30th Anniversary Renawal of Vows Ceremony and Key West second honeymoon

Dora and Mark at the McCartney Concert, Apr 2010

Strawberry pie! At Polly's restaurant in Los Alamitos, CA for the 2010 July 4th weekend

Bill at Wrestlemania, March 2010

At the ASU Gammage for Mary Poppins. The movie was still better.

Photos of Sunny and Cherie, our kitties

Eating a hot dog on the 4th of July while watching a parade. Can you GET any more American?

At the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade

How many different modes of transport can you see in a parade?

With Mike, Wanda, and Taylor at Dillon's Barbecue for Dora's 29th birthday, June 2010.

Shake it baby, shake it!

At a Diamonbacks game, July 2010

Beautiful flowering sage bushes in our backyard. They bloom three times a year and it always surprises and delights us.

Dora and Wanda - trying to cool off and win some money, at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson, July 2010.

Dora, Taylor, Wanda - on our way to pick apples at an apple farm north of Wickenburg. They're thrilled to the "core." - Sep 2010

Aline, one of Mark's student workers (and friend), at her big birthday bash. What a ham! Sep 2010

The Cardinals beat the Saints, the Cadinals beat the Saints!! Oct 2010

Dora, Wanda, Taylor, and Mark decided to take a trip on Route 66 in the fall of 2010. Here's Taylor in front of the Powerhouse, the R66 Museum in Kingman

R66: Taylor wishing she had her drivers license

Nothing says Route 66 like a dead cow's head

R66: old filling station, now a gift shop

R66: Ma and Pa Kettle

R66: Now Taylor's really wishing she had her DL

R66: Suitable for framing

R66: one of Mark's relatives guarding the entrance to the gift shop

R66: we had fun in the gift shop

The drive along Route 66 was very pretty

We stopped at the Grand Canyon Caverns, very pretty cave. It's not near the Grand Canyon, it gets its name from GC water traveling 200 miles to get into this cavern. Our tour guide knew everything, and more, about this cave. It has an interesting history.

The cave is a constant 56 degrees with only 6% humidity, a "dry cave."

Wanda and Taylor get an earful.

The Grand Canyon Cavern was deep, we got a good cardio workout.

Cave Women

"This here is a ceiling!"     OR     "This cave is #1."

Christmas 2010: Taylor

Christmas 2010: Wanda

Christmas 2010: Michael

Christmas 2010: Bill

Christmas 2010: Dora

Christmas 2010: Mark

Dora's new necklace

Christmas 2010: Taylor's Native American purse, handmade by the people of the Hualapai (pronounced Walapai) tribe, the only tribal lands along Arizona Routee 66.

Grandpa's customary gift of skivvies.

Silly superhero!

Christmas 2009: Mark and Dora

Sherry is so sweet, sleeping with her little tongue sticking out.

Oct 2010: at Mark's birthday dinner

With friend's Tom and Lil for Mark's bday dinner

Oct 2010: beautiful fall day in Prescott, AZ

Fall 2010: Taylor and friends before the Peoria High School Homecoming dance

Wanda and Taylor goofing around at GC Caverns, 2010

Guitar Tim and Ponytail Steve, 2009 Men's Campout

Good buddy Tim, 2009

In a photo booth at the Arizona State Fair, 2009

Picking apples at the Date Creek Ranch in AZ, 2010

Lots of Joshua Trees on the drive to Date Creek Ranch, 2002

Sonny and Sherry watching the birdies, 2010

Bill and Taylor - dinner after Taylor's 8th grade promotion ceremony, 2009

Dora and Wanda - dinner after Taylor's 8th grade promotion ceremony, 2009

Wanda's 2010 birthday dinner at Ah-So's - Wanda and Taylor

Wanda's 2010 birthday dinner at Ah-So's - Mark and Dora

Wanda's 2010 birthday dinner at Ah-So's - The Reeds and McKenneys

Wanda's 2010 birthday dinner at Ah-So's - getting a lesson

Mark's 2010 birthday dinner at Pappadeaux (Cajun) Restaurant

The birthday boy, 2010

Halloween 2009 - Mark won the "Best Costume" Award at work for the second year in a row

Birthday 2010 - unlike most men would be, Mark was thrilled with his gift of an electric roasting oven

2010: Dora, Sunny, and Cherie

Christmas 2009: Taylor has seen every episode of "I Love Lucy" several times.

Christmas 2009: Bill, looking skeptical as usual.

Christmas 2009: Bill and Wanda

Christmas 2009: Bill, Wanda, Taylor, and Dora

Christmas 2009: Young Michael visiting from Maine where they have no sun in the winter

Christmas 2009: Dora and I hosted a breakfast for the Maine McKenneys and Nobles

Christmas 2009: Sunny

Christmas 2009: Sunny, looking for some Christmas chow

Christmas 2009: Taylor

Christmas 2009: Taylor again

Christmas 2009: the holidays always bring out Dora's freckles

Christmas 2009: Mark and Sunny

Christmas 2009: Mark and Dora

Christmas 2009: Steve and Amy, visiting from Maine

Christmas 2009: Jacuzzi in December? A treat for our Maine visitors.

Christmas 2009: opening gifts

Christmas 2009: the Noble family from Maine

Christmas 2009: Mike and his mom, Christine

Dec 2009: took a trip to Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil's Beatles' Love

Beatles' Love in Vegas: Dora, with one of Paul McCartney's Hofner Violin bass guitars, 2009

We LOVED Cirque du Soleil's Beatles' Love show, 2009

Dec 2009 in Vegas: there's no way Mark could pass up an opportunity to make an ass of himself!

Practitioner Induction Ceremony, 2009

Treatment and Meditation class at the SEC, Fall 2009

One of Mark's students, Aline, and her sister Edisa came over to the house to earn some money and have dinner with us. The funny hats were my idea. :)

Reverend Ron and Becky, 2010

Summer 2010: Dinner at Buzz's Wharf at Ma'alaea Bay in Maui

Cute little Sherry, 2010

He's the Doctor Dolittle of felines, 2010

2010 Route 66 trip: at the Snowcap Malt Shop in Seligman, AZ

Route 66 trip: stopped in beautiful Prescott, AZ on the drive back to Phoenix. Had to get a photo of this gorgeous fall day.

2010: Sherry was the cutest kitty

2010: Sherry loved her big brother Sunny

2010: Sunny escaped from hyper Sherry for a few minutes of peace

Taylor's 16th birthday, 2010

Taylor's 16th birthday: opening gifts

Taylor's induction ceremony into the National Honor Society, 2010

Bill and the McKenneys, 2010