2007 - 2008


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Our niece Taylor, Christmas morn, 2007

Dora's dad Bill and a cute elf, 2007

Mike and Wanda, Christmas 2007

At the Renaissance Fair with Mike's Aunt Leana, 2008

Wanda and Leana, Renaissance Fair, 2008

Taylor and friend Natalie at the AZ State Fair, 2007

Flipper's grandson, Sea World San Antonio, July 2007

Mark, flippin' the bird, Sea World San Antonio, 2007

A little food and you're their best friend

Wanda and Dora, 2008

Mark and father-in-law Bill at the Fiest Bowl, 2008 (Yea West Virginia!)

My brother-in-law Mike and I went to see Lewis Black, 2008

Dora and Wanda, 2008

Taylor and Natalie, Renaissance Fair, 2008
At Texas Roadhouse for Mike's birthday, 2008

Mike and Wanda - Mike turned
44. Oh to be 44 again . . .

When he realized how
old he was . . .

Somewhere around age 13,
Taylor stopped posing
for photos

Mike and Wanda got a new cat when old Brutus died. Here's Shadow!

At Sandy's grave site

Dora's aunts and cousins, at Sandy's grave site, 2007

Dora's Aunts (Tia), her mother's sisters, at Sandy's grave site, 2007

Taylor on Christmas morning, 2007

With Taylor at Seaworld San Antonio. You can tell she's thrilled to pose with her uncle, 2007