2004 - 2006


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2006 - New Home in Avondale, AZ    - click here   

Dora and Mark at the Cardinals-Cowboys game (the Cowboys won!), 2006

Halloween at the office (before his dental work), 2006

Dora at work with some of her crew, 2006

Mark schlepping meeting supplies to his Sat. morning AA meeting, 2006

Dora working on her class project for our Foundation Class, Dec 2006

A Masterpiece!

Dora out shopping, 2006

Mark and Dora at Ron and Sharon Oscar Party, 2005

Our new Toyota, 2005

Defiant as always . . .

Mark visits the most beautiful Alano club ever, Lahaina, Maui, 2005

Mark was a bit goofy after moving to Phoenix - new job, new home, new friends... he was a bit loopy for awhile.

Skinny Mark at work, 2005

On the beach in Half Moon Bay, CA celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Our hotel in the background, 2005

At the Tuscany Inn and Casino, Las Vegas, 2005

Enroute to dad's birthday in Illinois, April 2005

Visiting Illinois, 2005

Dora's birthday, on our way to 'The Thirsty Bear' Spanish (not Mexican) Restuarant in San Francisco, 2005

2004 was a winning season for the Raiders - that's why Dora is smiling

Even Mark was happy with the Raiders in '04

At dinner, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Lahaina, Maui, 2004

Dora waiting for James Taylor concert to start, 2004

Office Christmas party, 2004

At a Raiders game, 2004

Dora must like the Raiders, 2004

Illinois visit - at the WIU Alumni House during the Homecoming parade

Homecoming parade in Macomb - with the WIU marching band

Dora in Maui, 2004

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in Maui, 2004 (you younger folks can google that one...)

Maui, 2004. I'd look just like John Wayne if I didn't look like a helmeted dork!

Parasailing! Maui, 2004

At the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium in Ma'alaea, Maui, 2004

At Ruth's Chris in Lahaina, 2004

Is that Ginger or Mary Ann going on a 3-hour tour?

The cutest little mermaid. Maui, 2004

Now THERE'S Roy and Dale!

Maui, 2004

Found some shade at the beach. Maui, 2004

Always in search of a sunset. Here's one in Maui, 2004

My last job in California (2001-2005) was as a career counselor at Cal State Hayward. Loved that job!

My first job in Arizona (2005-2007) was at ASU, providing academic advising to engineering students. I was up to my neck in brainiacs and had a ball!

At Dora's work party, 2005

Our new home in Avondale, AZ, 2006

2006: Our dream home includes a pool! We get lots of use from it in AZ!

Surprise! Dora's 2007 birthday at work.

At the "Thirsty Bear" in San Francisco for our 25th anniversary!