2004 - 2006


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Kathy Berry, 2006

Glenda and Jim Anderson, Foundation Class, Dec 2006

Jim Anderson (L) and Reverend Ron, Foundation Class, Dec 2006

Rev. Ron and Shannon O'Brian, Foundation Class, Dec 2006

Shannon O'Brian and Ralph Holt, Foundation Class, Dec 2006

AA Buds Visiting Grand Bahamas - Paul, Steve, Gary, and Bahamian Charles, 2006

Most Beautiful Location for an AA Meeeting - Taino Beach, Grand Bahamas, 2006

Best Bud Tim Boyce Trying to Appear Interested as Transporation Engineers Talk, 2006

Best Bud Tim Boyce at Work, 2006

Carpool Bud Kevin Anderson Celebrating his 60th, 2006

Mark and Barber Tim at AZ Cardinals Game, 2006

Office Mates Loraine and Sean, 2006

L to R: Gary, Tim, and Steve at an AA Picnic, 2005

Best Bud Anthony, 2005

Our Esteemed Friend Debbie, our Weight Watchers Leader, 2005

Geek City - we went to a "Slayer's Convention" (Buffy/Angel TV shows). This is Anthony Stewart Head who plays Giles on 'Buffy'.

Alexis Denisof, plays Wesley on 'Angel'

Nicholas Brendon, Xander on 'Buffy'.

The Man! (yes, we're slayer geeks too). This is James Marsters, who plays Spike on both 'Buffy' and 'Angel', 2005

Stephanie Romanov who played Lilah on 'Angel'

Best Bud Shaun, 2005

AA Bud Tatooed Max, 2005

Career Development Center Buds Phyllis Tang, Kay Hernandez, and Carolyn Scott, 2005

CDC Boss Rae Ann Iannello, 2005

WIU Friend Kim Clements, 2005

AA Bud Hal, 2005

Mark and High School Bud Christy Dye, Dec 2004

Sailing friends, Dan, Crit, and Bonnie, 2004

With Reddy Srinivas Predotori (center), my student worker (computer programmer) who won the "Student Employee of the Year Award", 2004

Volunteering at Cal State Hayward's graduation, a Chinese student who was a regular in my career counseling office, 2004

Volunteering at Cal State Hayward's graduation, a Ukrainian student who was a regular in my career counseling office, 2004

My birthday and farewell party, Anthony and Firefighter Dave, Oct 2005

Saying farewell at the Men's Meeting, Ray and Anthony, 2005

My birthday and farewell party, Anthony, Sailor Paul (the guy who looks like Sam Elliott), Gangster Al, Stewart, and Spiritual Phil, 2005

My birthday and farewell party, Kevin's son, Kevin, me, Hal (R.I.P.), and Kevin's daughter

Me and Mikey, 2005

Guitar Tim and Poneytail Steve, 2005

Spiritual Phil and Long Hair Bill, 2005

Me and Big Tim, 2005

Fisherman Dave and Rock Star Karl, 2005

My buddy Hall (R.I.P.), he helped me out a lot, 2005

Jimmy, 2005

Kamyar, 2005

Kamyar and Andrew, 2005

Me and Shaun, 2005

PG&E Mike (aka Shovelhead Mike) and Firefighter Dave, 2005

Buddhead, getting a little too friendly, it looks like I'm enjoying it . . . LOL

Me and Sailor Paul, 2005

Me and Spiritual Phil, 2005

Guitar Tim and Spiritual Phil, 2005

NASCAR Sam and Tall Paul, 2005

Steve D. and Slick, 2005

Saturn Tom, Brent, and Spiritual Phil

Me and Wayner, 2005

Dora's work colleagues, 2006

Oscar Party, with Sue Witter and Kathy Berry, 2006

Shaun and Anthony, at Shaun's Property Management degree graduation ceremony, 2005

Dora's work colleagues, Christmas 2006 holiday party

Mark's work colleagues at the Cal State East Bay Career Development Center, 2005

Our sailing friends, Dan, Crit, and Bonnie, 2004