2004 - 2006


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Wanda and Dora, Foundation Class, Dec 2006

Taylor and Uncle Mark at the state fair, 2006

Taylor on the ferris wheel, 2006

Taylor, pre-braces, 2006

Bill and Sandy, 2006

Ruth at Mom and Dad's gravesite, 2006

Frazier and Reed gravesite, 2006

Mom and Dad's gravesite, 2006

Taylor and her friend Natalie, 2006

Mom, Christmas 2005

Taylor, Christmas 2005

Wanda, Christmas 2005

Taylor at the Arizona state fair, 2005

Bumper boats at the state fair, 2005

Taylor rockclimbing at the state fair, 2005

Dad, Christmas 2005

Dan, Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim, 2005

Frazier gravesite, 2005

Dad's ashes, 2005

Dan, Ruth, and Mark, 2005

Dan, Ruth, and Mark, Dad's internment, 2005

Dad, April 2005

Mom, April 2005

Mitch, April 2005

Craig promoted to Batallion Chief! Mom/Dad/Ruth/Craig at the swearing-in ceremony, 2004

Dad & Ruth at Craig's swearing-in ceremony, 2004

Congratulations darling

Craig Gets Sworn, Promotion to Batallion Chief, 2004

Sign here please

Dora & Wanda, 2005

Taylor, May 2005

Dad's 77th birthday, 2005

Keethers visit, 2004

Mom and Dad, 2004

Mom, Ruth, Mitch, and Murphy, 2004

Mom and Ruth in the sunroom, 2004

Taylor, on our way to the
Nutcracker in Phoenix, Dec 2004

Mark got a pedicure, Taylor got a manicure, 2004

Dad, Father's Day 2004

Mom and dad, 2003

Bill, Sandy, and Taylor, 2004

Good dad: Mike and Taylor, 2004

The Silly String Christmas, 2004

More from the Silly String Christmas, 2004

More from the Silly String
Christmas, 2004

More from the Silly String
Christmas, 2004

McKenneys, 2006

Mike, Dora, Mike, 2006

Taylor, trying out our new couch,
the Wolly Bully, 2006

Christmas 2006, after the big meal

Wanda, Christmas 2006

Baking! Christmas 2006

Julia Childs eat your heart out

Age 12... isn't Taylor too cute?

Bill and Wanda, Christmas 2006

Sandy's last Christmas with us, 2006

Mr. Goofy, Christmas 2006

Taylor and Dora, Christmas 2006

We love and miss you Sandy!!
Christmas 2006

Christmas moring, 2006

Dora, showing off her new ring,
Christmas 2006

Taylor's firs iPod, Christmas 2006

Yuch, clothes! Bill, Christmas 2006

Mark modeling his new robe,
Christmas 2006

Wanda Got "Dancing with the Stars"
tix, Christmas 2006

Taylor and BFF Natalie, both
with braces, Christmas 2006

Making deviled eggs for our first Arizona
holiday party, Christmas 2006

Dora's work friends at our holiday
party, Christmas 2006

Yum! Holiday party, Christmas 2006

"I love you mom!"

May 2004: right before the groundbreaking for Mike and Wanda's backyard pool. We told Taylor that she was standing where the deep end of the pool would be, so she held her breath . . .

The new pool is in! July 4, 2004

Dora and Wanda, July 4, 2004

Wanda and Dora, Vegas Spa weekend, 2004

Christmas 2005, Super Grandpa

Dora and Taylor, 2005

Bill, Christmas 2006

K.C. (Kitty Cat), 2004

Accompanying Taylor and friend Nicole
to "The Nutcracker" in downtown
Phoenix, Christmas 2004

The McKenneys at the Hollywood sign, 2006