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Mark and Dora with McKenneys and
Lanhams in Oahu, Hawaii (2000)

We took a sea plane ride with Mike, Wanda, and Taylor. Fun!

Hanuma Bay from the sea plane

Waikiki from the sea plane

Taylor barely remembers the sea plane ride now, but at the time she had a blast

Mark and Dora - their first Hawaii experience

Dora posing by the ocean

The beautiful mermaid

Aunt Dora and Taylor posing by the ocean

We took a snorkeling boat tour. Taylor wasn't much for snorkeling, but she sure loved the slide

Taylor loved the water

Snorkeling sisters

Regardless of the sharp coral, our favorite snorkeing spot on Oahu was Hanuma Bay

We went horseback riding too. Dora loved it

They look just like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans don't they?

Taylor's first horseback ride

All dude-ed up for the laua

Grandpa and Taylor at the laua. Taylor loved the poi . . . NOT

Taylor enjoyed watching the leis being made

We always suspected Mike was a little fruity. Touring the Dole plantation

We all got lost in the Dole Plantation shrubbery maze. We were looking for a shrub for the Knights that Say NEE (how's that for a Monty Python reference?)

She belongs on the Easter dinner table . . . what a ham!

Taylor and her daddy

Dora, Waikiki

Dora, Wanda, and Taylor

Mike, Wanda, and Taylor

Taylor HAD to have a grass skirt

Mike and I too a fishing charter and had a great time

Goofing around with Mike and Wanda