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All Other Photos from 2000 - 2003

Mark and Dora at the McKenneys in Peoria, AZ - Christmas morning 2002

In 2002, we took a tour of the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland with the McKenneys. Here we are at the planetarium

Blasting off!

Portrait time! Bill, Sandy, and Taylor, 2002

Portrait time! Mike, Wanda, and Taylor, 2002

For her 8th birthday in 2002, Taylor had a Halloween theme. Until Mark and Dora moved to Phoenix, they traveled there from California every year for Taylor's birthday and Christmas

Taylor and friends, 8th birthday in 2002

Everyone was there for Mike's Air Force retirement in 2003. L to R: Mike's sister Amy, Dora, Mike's mom Christina, Sandy, Taylor

Christmas 2003 - everyone got wax lips in their stockings

Christmas 2003 was also the "year of the pajamas"

Christmas 2003 - Wanda was happy with all the Pooh animals Mark bought her

Dora and her mom Sandy, 2003

Dora, Wanda, and Taylor took a weekend in Vegas, 2003

Dora and Taylor show off their faux tatoos, 2003. Hey, what happens in Vegas . . .

in 2003, Mike and Wanda renewed their wedding vows

Bill and Sandy smooching, 2003

KC (Kitty Cat), 2000

Dad, 2000

Mom, 2000

Mom and Dad, 51st wedding anniversary, 2000

Mom's new hat, 2000

Mom and her anniversary bouquet, 2000

Back in California!! -- 2000

Cal State Hayward's Career Development Center, 20001

Lisa, Cal State Hayward's Career Development Center, 2001

Bill, Taylor, and Dora, 2001

Taylor, 2001

Venice, boat ride to Murano, 2002

Mike's dad, the "silly string Christmas" -- 2002

Dinner at a Venice cafe, 2002

Dad in Door County Wisconsin, 2001

At a cafe in Florence, 2002

The Ponte (Bridge) Vechio in Florence, 2002

Dora on her throne at the Guggenheim Museum, Venice, 2002

At the Pitti Palace, Florence, 2002

At the train station in Florence, 2002

On the train from Florence to Venice, 2002

Fiesole, Italy (home of Da Vinci, near Florence)

Arno River in Florence, 2002

Il Duomo in Florence, 2002

Pitti Palace in Florence, 2002

At a restaurant in Florence where we had the most delicious Steak Florentine, 2002

Gondola Central, Venice, 2002

Dad, showing off his lilacs, 2002

Dad in Sister Bay, Wisconsin, 2002

Uncle Mark, Aunt Dora, and Taylor, 2002

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, 2002

Check out how well Mark is sucking in his gut... Venice, 2002.

Mom and dad, 2003

Venice, 2002

Feeding the pigeons in HIS Square... St. Mark's Square, Venice, 2002.

All others are copies - this is THE Campanile in St. Mark's Square, Venice, 2002.

The Grand Canal, Venice, 2002.

View from The Campanile, Venice, 2002.

Mark took early morning walks - Venice at 7am.

Mid-day traffic, Venice, 2002

Approaching St. Mark's, Venice, 2002.

Of course we had to have a romantic gondola ride. Venice, 2002.

Posing with our Gondolier, Antonio. Venice, 2002.

St. Mark's Square, Venice, 2002.

Canal in Venice, 2002.

Grand Canal. Venice, 2002.

He SHOULD have been painting gorgeous Dora! Venice, 2002.

Posing in front of the Grand Canal, Venice, 2002.

View as we boated from Venice to Lido Island

St Mark's Square, Venice, 2002.

No streets in Venice. Sidwalks looked like this, or narrower. Venice, 2002.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, 2002.

Mom in Comfort, Texas, 2003.

Dora with her new BMW Z-4, 2003.

Dad in Comfort, Texas, 2003.

Christmas 2003

Mark in his CSU Hayward office, 2003.

Mom and dad, 2002

Pisa, 2002

Two McKenney families, 2002

Murano Italy, 2002

Murano Italy, 2002

2002 was the year of the Oakland Raiders! Until their Super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay, it was a helluva fun year. Dora and I bought someone's season tickets and went to all the home games. Pictured here is Rich Gannon, QB.

The Raiders! Best wide receiver of all time Jerry Rice, 2002

The Raiders! Wide Receiver Tim Brown, 2002

The Raiders! Linebacker Bill Romanowski, 2002

The Raiders! Running back Tyrone Wheatley, 2002

The Raiders! Safety Rod Woodson, 2002

Bill, The Silly String Christmas, 2002

Mike's Parents, The Silly String Christmas, 2002

Christmas portrait, 2002