Excuse: The Holly Herald is hopelessly outdated. We didn't put the '97 HH online 'cause Mark was so busy in grad school. Stay tuned December '98 for an updated version!

Macomb IL - Happy Holidays everyone! Dora and I have decided to get the Holly Herald out extra early this year since some of you may not know Dora moved to Illinois to join me. Although Dora had a great job in San Antonio, we were foolish to think we could live apart for three years while I finished my Masters. After just a few months alone in a college dorm, I was ready to pull my (remaining) hair out, and Dora wasn't the happiest of campers eith er. We
missed each other too much, so Dora packed it in and headed north in March. First we had to sell our house in San Antonio though. We worry too much, that's something we've learned about ourselves. We were afraid the house would be on the market for mon ths and months and we'd end up making both a mortgage and rent payment. Again, our fears were unfounded. The house was on the market for less than a month when we received an offer. All that painting, tiling, and yard work paid off. Some gal named The resa now owns our little Sandy Field house and Dora and I still get sentimental when we think of our "first home".

Uncle Sam helped in our venture north--we used our final authorized Air Force move, which was a milestone in itself. After 12 moves in the last 16 years (7 for which the Air Force paid), we've finally severed our ties with the government's furniture-mov ing people. We're not done moving, though. We'll be doing it again in another 18 months when I graduate. Who knows where we'll end up... we're hoping California.

In the meantime, you can find us at: 1008 Lakewood Dr., Macomb, IL 61455. Give us a call at (309) 837-MARK (6275) or you can e-mail us at markreed@macomb.com Our little home on Lakewood is cozy and a five minute drive to work for both of us. Drop by and see for yourself!

Another unfounded worry. Dora and I were afraid she'd have a hard time finding a nursing position in tiny Macomb and we'd die starving and penniless. Will we ever learn not to worry? Dora got a position on the post-surgery floor of McDonough District Hospital in Macomb within a week of her arrival. She has impressed the nursing staff and built a solid reputation for herself. Dora's had quite a transition from San Antonio' s 500-bed Methodist Hospital to MDH's 150-bed facility, and is convinced that patients must meet a minimum age requirement of 70 to be admitted. Dora has always wanted to work in the
operating room,but was never able to wiggle herself into a training position in San Antonio. How ironic that Dora had to go to itsy-bitsy Macomb to acquire her dream job (can you tell I'm rubbing it in?). Dora started in the O.R. in October and loves i t! Every night she comes home with a different O.R. story. Some, as the British would say, are "bloody good".

No mercy for Mark this year. His nose has been to the grindstone so much the cartilage is showing, and his supply of elbow grease is running low. As you may or may not know, Mark is in a Master's p rogram at Western Illinois University in College Student Personnel, a glorified name for college administration. Last fall and spring, he worked part-time in the Admissions and Financial Aid offices as part of his degree program. This summer, he started in the Orientation office, where he has continued to work throughout this fall semester. He absolutely loves Orientation and plans to seek an Orientation position when he graduates in May 98.

His 40-hour per week internship in Orientation this summer gave him a good idea of what it's like to be a full-time administrator, and he enjoyed taking a break from academics. He worked very hard preparing for the fall Orientation program and everything went well during opening weekend. The programs he planned and coordinated during the summer received rave reviews from the director of Orientation. After so many years in the Air Force, I'm thrilled to see him so excited about his new career.

What a difference a year can make. This time last year, I was struggling to learn the basics of these newfangled computers. I barely knew how to get on the Internet, and couldn't have told you the difference between a newsgroup and a discussion group. That was then... This summer I took a class entitled "Using the World Wide Web for Research and Fun" and boy did I have loads of fun. I learned more than just the basics of the Internet, inclu ding how to download graphics and software, and the basics of web creation.

Learning how to create web pages opened an entirely new creative door for me. Since then I've created the web page for WIU's Orientation office (you can access it at www.wiu.edu/users/misdo) and am planning to create three other sites over Christmas brea k, including the much anticipated (by me at least) Mark and Dora Web Page. By accessing this page, you'll be able to learn about Mark and Dora--their history, interests, and plans, including a picture scrapbook. Isn't technology wonderful?! In the mean time, we'd like to know if you're connected to the web. Drop us a note at markreed@macomb.com With the imminent changes to technology, more of us will be connected to the Internet this time next year, so keep us informed. Within a few years, this Internet thing will be as common to households as VCRs and microwaves.

And Now...


Hope all of you have a very happy and healthy holiday season and a wonderful 1997! Let's stay in touch... there's nothing more dear to us than family and friends. Don't forget...

Jesus is the reason for the season!